Duke Ellington - The Studio Series, Volume Five - 1929-1956 (Up-To-Date 2006, 1982)

Side 1
Track Title Length Date
1 Flaming Youth 16Jan29
2 Blues #3 13Sep50
3 Mean Old Choo Choo 21Sep50
4 Ballin' The Blues 8Nov52
5 Body And Soul 8Nov52
6 It Don't Mean A Thing 17Jun54
7 Passion Flower 27Jan56

Side 2
Track Title Length Date
1 Hey, Baby 27Jan56
2a A-Flat Minor 7Aug56
2b A-Flat Minor 7Aug56
2c A-Flat Minor 7Aug56
3 Half The Fun 7Aug56
4 Suburban Beauty 7Aug56
5a Cafe Au Lait 6Dec56
5b Cafe Au Lait 6Dec56
5c Cafe Au Lait 6Dec56
5d Cafe Au Lait 6Dec56
5e Cafe Au Lait 6Dec56
5f Cafe Au Lait 6Dec56
6a Star-Crossed Lovers 6Dec56
6b Star-Crossed Lovers 6Dec56
6c Star-Crossed Lovers 6Dec56
6d Star-Crossed Lovers 6Dec56
6e Star-Crossed Lovers 6Dec56