Spotlight on Duke Ellington Ciro's Restaurant, Hollywood, Calif. July 1947 (Joyce 4014, 1980)

Side 1
Track Title Length Date
1a Take The "A" Train 30Jul47
1b Happy Go Lucky Local 30Jul47
1c Minnehaha 30Jul47
1d Hiawatha 30Jul47
1e Warm Valley 30Jul47
1f Beale Street Blues 25Jul47
2a Take The "A" Train 1Aug47
2b It's Kind Of Lonesome Out Tonight 1Aug47

Side 2
Track Title Length Date
1a Caravan 1Aug47
1b When I Walk With You 1Aug47
1c Passion Flower 1Aug47
2a Take The "A" Train 4Oct53
2b V.I.P. Boogie 4Oct53
2c Jam With Sam 4Oct53
2d Duet 4Oct53