Duke Ellington and His Orchestra with Fred Robbins (Gotham GRC-DE-1/2, 1951)

Side 1
Track Title Length Date
1a Fancy Dan 19Aug51
1b The Hawk Talks 19Aug51
1c Ol' Man River 19Aug51
1d C-Jam Blues 19Aug51
1e Caravan 19Aug51
1f Mood Indigo 19Aug51
1g Blues No. 04 19Aug51
1h Tea For Two 19Aug51

Side 2
Track Title Length Date
1a Monologue 19Aug51
1b Duet 19Aug51
1c V.I.P. Boogie 19Aug51
1d Jam With Sam 19Aug51
1e Primping At The Prom 19Aug51
1f Moonlight Fiesta 19Aug51
1g Sophisticated Lady 19Aug51