Duke Ellington's Third Sacred Concert The Majesty of God as Performed in Westminster Abbey (RCA SF 8406 APL1 0785, 1975)

Side 1
Track Title Length Date
1 Introduction by Sir Colin Crowe (1:28) 24Oct73
2 Duke Ellington's Introduction (1:26) 24Oct73
3a The Lord's Prayer (7:49) 24Oct73
3b My Love - 24Oct73
4 Is God A Three-Letter Word For Love? - Part 1 (4:27) 24Oct73
5 Is God A Three-Letter Word For Love? - Part 2 (3:46) 24Oct73
6 The Brotherhood (5:46) 24Oct73

Side 2
Track Title Length Date
1 Hallelujah (3:32) 24Oct73
2 Every Man Prays In His Own Language (11:10) 24Oct73
3 Ain't Nobody Nowhere Nothin' Without God (4:20) 24Oct73
4 The Majesty Of God (7:27) 24Oct73

Liner notes by Stanley Dance
Recording Engineer in Westminster Abbey, London: Bob Auger
Mixing and Editing Engineer (New York): Ray Hall
Edited by Mercer Ellington and Stanley Dance
Mixed by Pete Spargo
Art Director: Acy Lehman
Designer: Dick Smith
Cover Photograph: Fred Linc Guirty
Liner photographs by Trevor Humphries, Surrey, England