The Works of Duke Complete Edition Volume 13 (RCA FXM1 7133, 1975)

Side 1
Track Title Length Date
1 Without A Song (2:46) 2Nov40
2 Without A Song (2:43) 2Nov40
3 My Sunday Gal (3:09) 2Nov40
4 Mobile Bay (3:02) 2Nov40
5 Mobile Bay (3:02) 2Nov40
6 Linger Awhile (3:24) 2Nov40
7 Linger Awhile (3:23) 2Nov40
8a Charlie The Chulo (3:05) 11Nov40
8b Charlie The Chulo (3:55) 11Nov40
8c Charlie The Chulo - 11Nov40

Side 2
Track Title Length Date
1a Lament For Javanette (3:07) 11Nov40
1b Lament For Javanette (2:50) 11Nov40
2a A Lull At Dawn (3:37) 11Nov40
2b A Lull At Dawn (3:23) 11Nov40
2c A Lull At Dawn (3:24) 11Nov40
3a Ready Eddy (2:56) 11Nov40
3b Ready Eddy (5:47) 11Nov40
3c Ready Eddy - 11Nov40
3d Ready Eddy - 11Nov40

Liner notes by Alexandre Rado
Translation by Don Waterhouse
Photo by Jean-Pierre Leloir
Re-issue produced by Jean-Paul Guiter
Thanks to Georges Debroe and Jerry Valburn