The Complete Duke Ellington Vol. 3 1930-1932 (CBS 88000, 1974)

Side 1
Track Title Length Date
1 Jungle Blues 29Jan30
2 Jungle Blues 29Jan30
3 The Mooche 3Apr30
4 The Mooche 3Apr30
5 Ragamuffin' Romeo 3Apr30
6 East St. Louis Toodle-O 3Apr30
7 Sweet Mama 12Jun30
8 Hot And Bothered 12Jun30

Side 2
Track Title Length Date
1 Double Check Stomp 12Jun30
2 Black And Tan Fantasy 12Jun30
3 Big House Blues 14Oct30
4 Rocky Mountain Blues 14Oct30
5 Ring Dem Bells 30Oct30
6 Three Little Words 30Oct30
7 Old Man Blues 30Oct30
8 Sweet Chariot 30Oct30

Side 3
Track Title Length Date
1 Mood Indigo 14Oct30
2 I Can't Realize You Love Me 8Jan31
3 I'm So In Love With You 8Jan31
4 Rockin' In Rhythm 8Jan31
5 Them There Eyes 10Jan31
6 Them There Eyes 10Jan31
7 Them There Eyes 10Jan31
8 Rockin' Chair 10Jan31

Side 4
Track Title Length Date
1 Rockin' Chair 10Jan31
2 I'm So In Love With You 10Jan31
3 Moon Over Dixie 2Feb32
4 It Don't Mean A Thing 2Feb32
5 Lazy Rhapsody 2Feb32
6 Lazy Rhapsody 2Feb32
7 Blue Tune 4Feb32
8 Blue Tune 4Feb32

First take of "Blue Tune" dubbed too fast
Produced by Henri Renaud
Record Collection: Dr. L Charles Clavié
Thanks to Jean Portier, Georges Debroe
Photo courtesy Duncan Schiedt