The Complete Duke Ellington Vol. 15 1939-1940 (CBS 88522, 1981)

Side 1
Track Title Length Date
1 Weely 14Oct39
2 Skunk Hollow Blues 14Oct39
3 I Know What You Do 14Oct39
4 Your Love Has Faded 14Oct39
5 Tired Socks 14Oct39
6 Blues 14Oct39
7 Early Mornin' 16Oct39

Side 2
Track Title Length Date
1 Killin' Myself 16Oct39
2 Your Love Has Faded 16Oct39
3 Country Girl 16Oct39
4 Minuet In Blues 22Nov39
5 Lost In Two Flats 22Nov39
6 Honey Hush 22Nov39
7 The Blues 22Nov39
8 Plucked Again 22Nov39

Side 3
Track Title Length Date
1 Solitude 14Feb40
2 Stormy Weather 14Feb40
3 Mood Indigo 14Feb40
4 Sophisticated Lady 14Feb40
5 Pelican Drag 14Feb40
6 Tapioca 14Feb40

Side 4
Track Title Length Date
1 Mardi Gras Madness 15Feb40
2 Watch The Birdie 15Feb40
3 Black Butterfly 15Feb40
4 Dry Long So 15Feb40
5 Toasted Pickle 15Feb40
6 Give It Up 15Feb40

"Stormy Weather" is dubbed too fast
"Mood Indigo" is dubbed too fast
Produced by Henri Renaud
Record Collection: Georges Debroe
Thanks to Charles Delaunay, Claude Guyot, Maxime Lambert, Jean Portier
Photo: Stanley Dance