The Complete Duke Ellington Vol. 7 1936-1937 (CBS 88140, 1975)

Side 1
Track Title Length Date
1 Isn't Love The Strangest Thing 27Feb36
2 No Greater Love 27Feb36
3 Clarinet Lament 27Feb36
4 Echoes Of Harlem 27Feb36
5 Love Is Like A Cigarette 28Feb36
6 Kissin' My Baby Goodnight 28Feb36
7 Oh Babe, Maybe Someday 28Feb36
8 Shoe Shine Boy 17Jul36

Side 2
Track Title Length Date
1 It Was A Sad Night In Harlem 17Jul36
2 Trumpet In Spades 17Jul36
3 Yearning For Love 17Jul36
4 In A Jam 29Jul36
5 Exposition Swing 29Jul36
6 Exposition Swing 29Jul36
7 Uptown Downbeat 29Jul36
8 Rexatious 16Dec36

Side 3
Track Title Length Date
1 Lazy Man's Shuffle 16Dec36
2 Lazy Man's Shuffle 16Dec36
3 Clouds In My Heart 19Dec36
4 Frolic Sam 19Dec36
5 Caravan 19Dec36
6 Caravan 19Dec36
7 Stompy Jones 19Dec36
8 Stompy Jones 19Dec36

Side 4
Track Title Length Date
1 Scattin' At The Kit Kat 21Dec36
2 Black Butterfly 21Dec36
3a Mood Indigo 21Dec36
3b Solitude 21Dec36
3c Mood Indigo 21Dec36
4a In A Sentimental Mood 21Dec36
4b Sophisticated Lady 21Dec36
5 Birmingham Breakdown 5Mar37
6 Birmingham Breakdown 5Mar37
7 Scattin' At The Kit Kat 5Mar37
8 Scattin' At The Kit Kat 5Mar37

"Kissin' My Baby Goodnight" is dubbed too fast
"Shoe Shine Boy" is dubbed too fast
"It Was A Sad Night In Harlem" is dubbed too fast
"Scattin' At The Kit Kat", Side 4, Track 1, is missing the Cootie Williams trumpet introduction
Produced by Henri Renaud
Record Collection: Dr. L. Charles Clavié
Thanks to Georges Debroe, Jean Portier
Photo: Max Jones