One Night Stand With Duke Ellington At The Steel Pier Atlantic City, N.J., July 1964 (Joyce 1077, 1983)

Side 1
Track Title Length Date
1a Take The "A" Train Jul64
1b Things Ain't What They Used To Be Jul64
1c More Jul64
1d Never On Sunday Jul64
1e Stranger On The Shore Jul64
1f Tutti For Cootie Jul64

Side 2
Track Title Length Date
1a Satin Doll Jul64
1b Happy Go Lucky Local Jul64
1c Take The "A" Train Jul64
1d Afro-Bossa Jul64
1e Call Me Irresponsible Jul64
1f Hello, Dolly! Jul64
1g Danke Schoen Jul64

Personnel by Luigi Sanfilippo