Duke Ellington The Jimmy Blanton Years (Queen-disc Q-007, 1974)

Side 1
Track Title Length Date
1 Ko-Ko 10Jun40
2 Blue Goose 10Jun40
3 So Far So Good 10Jun40
4 Cotton Tail 10Jun40
5 Cootie For Cootie 10Jun40
6 Jack The Bear 10Jun40
7 Boy Meets Horn 10Jun40

Side 2
Track Title Length Date
1 The Sergeant Was Shy 10Jun40
2 Ring Dem Bells 3Oct40
3 Chelsea Bridge 17Sep41
4 Bakiff 17Sep41
5 Jive Rhapsody 16Jan41
6 Jumpin' Punkins 16Jan41
7 Frankie And Johnny 29May41
8 Take The "A" Train 9Oct41

"Frankie And Johnny" omits Bing Crosby's studio patter and the opening bars of the John Trotter Orchestra.
"Take The 'A' Train" also omits opening bars.