Duke Ellington The Girl's Suite And The Perfume Suite (Columbia FC 38028, 1982)

Side 1
Track Title Length Date
1 The Girl's Suite: Girls (2:41) 19Sep61
2 The Girl's Suite: Mahalia (3:12) 19Sep61
3 The Girl's Suite: Peg O' My Heart (2:59) 19Sep61
4 The Girl's Suite: Sweet Adeline (2:49) 19Sep61
5 The Girl's Suite: Juanita (3:18) 19Sep61
6 The Girl's Suite: Sylvia (2:41) 19Sep61
7 The Girl's Suite: Lena (2:13) 20Sep61

Side 2
Track Title Length Date
1 The Girl's Suite: Dinah (2:33) 20Sep61
2 The Girl's Suite: Clementine (2:48) 20Sep61
3 The Girl's Suite: Diane (2:37) 20Sep61
4 The Perfume Suite: Balcony Serenade (2:55) 2Dec57
5 The Perfume Suite: Strange Feeling (3:53) 9Dec57
6 The Perfume Suite: Dancers In Love (2:17) 9Dec57
7 The Perfume Suite: Coloratura (2:50) 2Dec57

Liner notes by Stanley Dance
Originally produced by Irving Townsend and Teo Macero
Produced for release by Michael Brooks
Re-recorded by Frank Abbey
Executive producers of the Contemporary Masters Series: Jim Fishel and Dr. George Butler
Mastered by Harry Fein
Deisgn: John Berg, Peter A. Alfieri
Photograph: Leigh Weiner
Artwork: Ken Robbins