Duke Ellington's My People Original Cast Album (Joker SM 3257, 1972)

Side 1
Track Title Length Date
1a Ain't But The One (5:16) 20Aug63
1b Will You Be There 21Aug63
1c 99% Won't Do 21Aug63
2a Come Sunday (6:09) 20Aug63
2b Come Sunday 20Aug63
3 My Mother, My Father And Love (2:50) 20Aug63
4 Light (6:54) 20Aug63

Side 2
Track Title Length Date
1a My People (2:59) 21Aug63
1b The Blues (5:47) 20Aug63
2a Jail Blues (5:57) 20Aug63
2b My Man Sends Me 27Aug63
2c Jail Blues 20Aug63
2d I Love My Lovin' Lover 27Aug63
3 King Fit The Battle Of Alabam' (3:25) 20Aug63
4 What Color Is Virtue? (2:49) 21Aug63

Production supervision, design and lighting by Perry Watkins
Orchestra under the personal supervision of Billy Strayhorn
Orchestra conducted by Jimmy Jones
Produced by Sergio Balloni
Editor: W. Gurtler