Duke Ellington his piano and his orchestra at the Bal Masque (Columbia CL 1282, 1959)

Side 1
Track Title Length Date
1 Alice Blue Gown 31Mar58
2 Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf? 1Apr58
3 Got A Date With An Angel 20Mar58
4 Poor Butterfly 24Mar58
5 Satan Takes A Holiday 20Mar58
6 The Peanut Vendor 24Mar58

Side 2
Track Title Length Date
1 Satin Doll 31Mar58
2 Lady In Red 31Mar58
3 Indian Love Call 26Mar58
4 The Donkey Serenade 31Mar58
5 Gypsy Love Song 1Apr58
6 Laugh, Clown, Laugh 20Mar58

Liner Notes: Irving Townsend