Duke Ellington Discography: Stormy Weather

Grade Audio Date Gig Vocalist Source Note
95 Audio May 16, 1933 Studio session for American Record Corporation, New York, New York The Chronogical Duke Ellington 1933 (Track 15) Brunswick 01527 B
Brunswick 6600
Brunswick B 13339
Columbia C-6064
93 Audio May 23, 1933 Paramount short "A Bundle Of Blues", Astoria, New York Vocal by Ivie Anderson In Hollywood (Track 19c)
92 Audio February 14, 1940 Studio session for Brunswick, New York, New York Vocal by Ivie Anderson It Don't Mean A Thing (Track 20) Columbia 35556
84 Audio October 21, 1950 Studio Session for Mercer, New York, New York Vocal by Al Hibbler Al Hibbler 1950-1952 Chronological Classics (Track 7) Mercer M-1956 A
92 Audio April 7, 1953 Studio Session for Capitol, Los Angeles, California The Complete Capitol Recordings, Premiered by Ellington (Disk 1, Track 7)
82 Audio December 5, 1965 "The Bell Telephone Hour" CBS Television Broadcast, New York, New York Harold Arlen An All-Star Tribute (Track 14)