Duke Ellington Discography: Star Spangled Banner

Composers: Francis Scott Key, John Stafford Smith
Grade Audio Date Gig Vocalist Source Note
96 Audio January 28, 1943 Concert from Symphony Hall, Boston, Massachusetts Carnegie Hall Concerts, January 1943, Disk 1 (Track 1) DE4302a
96 Audio December 11, 1943 Concert from Carnegie Hall, New York, New York The Duke Box, Disk 5 (Track 1) DE4364a
96 Audio November 10, 1945 "Your Saturday Date With the Duke" ABC Radio Broadcast at Radio City Music Hall, New York, New York The Treasury Shows, Vol. 16, Disk 1 (Track 22) DE4589v
93 Audio January 20, 1946 Concert at the Civic Opera House, Chicago, Illinois Great Chicago Concerts, Disk Two (Track 1) DE4606a
92 December 26, 1947 Concert at Carnegie Hall, New York, New York Carnegie Hall Concert DE4736a
94 Audio December 10, 1948 Concert from Cornell Univeristy, Ithaca, New York Cornell University, First Set (Track 1) DE4808a
83 Audio November 14, 1952 Concert at Carnegie Hall, New York, New York Love You Madly (Track 1) DE5221a
82 Audio July 7-8, 1956 Concert at the Newport Jazz Festival, Newport, Rhode Island Ellington at Newport 1956, Disk 1, Track 1 DE5613a
87 Audio July 27, 1957 Concert in East River Park Ampitheather, New York, New York East River Park Ampitheater, New York, NY DE5730a