Duke Ellington Discography: Stardust

Grade You
Date Gig Vocalist Source Note
69 September or October, 1940 Radio Broadcasts from Hotel Sherman, Chicago, Illinois Vocal by Herb Jeffries at Hotel Sherman, Chicago, 1940 (Track 25)
78 You
November 7, 1940 Dance Date at the Crystal Ballroom, Fargo, North Dakota The Duke Box, Disk 3 (Track 18)
87 You
December 11, 1943 Concert from Carnegie Hall, New York, New York The Duke Box, Disk 5 (Track 7)
85 You
October 21, 1950 Studio Session for Mercer, New York, New York Vocal by Al Hibbler Al Hibbler 1950-1952 Chronological Classics (Track 9) Mercer 1965-A
96 April 7, 1953 Studio Session for Capitol, Los Angeles, California The Complete Capitol Recordings, Premiered by Ellington (Disk 1, Track 8)
94 You
June 22, 1957 Dance Date at the Sunset Ballroom, Carroltown, Pennsylvania All Star Road Band Vol II (Track 10)
96 July 22, 1960 Dance Date at Mather Air Force Base, Sacramento, California Unique Jazz Legendary Concerts CD #10 (Track 1)
89 May 25, 1963 Dance Date at Wiesbaden, West Germany Wiesbaden, West Germany, Dance Date