Duke Ellington Discography: Memphis Blues

Grade Audio Date Gig Vocalist Source Note
74 Audio March 16, 1934 Paramount feature "Belle of the Nineties", Los Angeles, California Vocal by Mae West Belle of the Nineties DVD
93 Audio August 31, 1946 "Your Saturday Date With the Duke" ABC Radio Broadcast at Lincoln Theatre, Los Angeles, California The Treasury Shows, Vol. 23 (Disk 2, Track 13)
94 Audio September 3, 1946 Studio Session for RCA Victor, Los Angeles, California The Complete RCA Victor Recordings, Disk P (Track 15) His Master's Voice B.9690
RCA Victor 20-2325-A
96 Audio November 10, 1946 Concert at the Civic Opera House, Chicago, Illinois Great Chicago Concerts, Disk One (Track 4)
96 Audio June 9, 1947 Studio Session for Capitol Radio Transcriptions, New York, New York '46-47 Recordings, Disk 3 (Track 6)
95 July 25, 1947 ABC Radio Broadcast from Ciro's Club, Los Angeles, California Live at Ciros Los Angeles California 1947 (Disc 1, Track 7)
95 August 31, 1947 Concert at the Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, California Unique Jazz Legendary Concerts CD #1 (Track 6b)