Duke Ellington Discography: Hiawatha

Composers: Duke Ellington, Al Sears
Grade Audio Date Gig Vocalist Source Note
95 Audio November 10, 1946 Concert at the Civic Opera House, Chicago, Illinois Great Chicago Concerts, Disk One (Track 14) DE4647u
97 Audio December 5, 1946 Studio Session for Musicraft, New York, New York Happy-Go-Lucky Local (Track 8) DE4651a Musicraft 464
Parlophone R. 3088
94 February 2, 1947 Concert at the Civic Opera House, Chicago, Illinois At the Civic Opera House DE4702f
94 July 1, 1947 CBS Radio Broadcast from the El Patio Ballroom, Denver, Colorado Jam-A-Ditty JJ-602 LP (Side 1, Track 6b) DE4710h
94 Audio July 30, 1947 ABC Radio Broadcast from Ciro's Club, Los Angeles, California Live at Ciros Los Angeles California 1947 (Disc 1, Track 14) DE4715d
95 Audio August 31, 1947 Concert at the Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, California Unique Jazz Legendary Concerts CD #2 (Track 9b) DE4718ae