Duke Ellington Discography: Be Cool And Groovy For Me

Grade Audio Date Gig Vocalist Source Note
83 Audio January 26, 1968 Concert at Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut Yale Concert (Track 2)
85 Audio December 3, 1968 Studio Session, New York, New York Vocal by Trish Turner The Private Collection, Volume 9 (Track 13)
40 Audio September 15, 1969 Concert at City Hall, New York, New York Vocal by Tony Watkins New York City Hall with Mayor Lindsay
57 Audio November 1, 1969 Concert at Salle Pleyel, Paris, France Vocal by Tony Watkins Be Cool Live in Paris 1969 (Track 11)
41 Audio November 2, 1969 Concert at Tivolis Koncertsal, Copenhagen, Denmark Vocal by Tony Watkins and Duke Ellington Tivoli 1969 DVD (Track 15)
54 Audio November 3, 1969 Concert at the Bergenshallen, Norway Vocal by Tony Watkins Bergenshallen, Bergen Concert
46 November 4, 1969 Concert at the Kongresshallen, Stockholm, Sweden Vocal by Tony Watkins and Duke Ellington Kongresshallen, Stockholm
45 Audio November 7, 1969 Concert at De Doelen, Rotterdam, Netherlands Vocal by Tony Watkins Rotterdam 1969 (Track 12c)
41 November 8, 1969 Concert at the Philharmonie, Berlin, West Germany Vocal by Tony Watkins 1969-11-08 Berlin, West Germany
42 November 15, 1969 Concert at Victoria Halle, Geneva, Switzerland Vocal by Tony Watkins
41 April 2, 1970 Concert at The Cave Inn, Vancouver, Canada Vocal by Tony Watkins Duke Ellington Opens the Cave Volume Two (Side 1, Track 2c)
43 April 25, 1970 Concert at Municipal Auditorium, New Orleans, Louisiana Vocal by Tony Watkins Wolfgang's Vault (Track 9)
40 July 8, 1970 Concert in Liseberg Concert Hall, Gothenburg, Sweden Vocal by Tony Watkins and Duke Ellington Gothenburg First Concert
40 July 21, 1970 Concert at the Parco delle Naiadi, Genoa, Italy Vocal by Tony Watkins Live in Genoa (Track 7d)
40 Audio December 1970 Concert at the Constitution Hall, New York, New York Vocal by Tony Watkins United Nations Headquarters