The January 1970 Duke Ellington Discography

January 7, 1970
Studio Session, Las Vegas, Nevada
Grade Audio
Title Source Note
72 The Kissing Mist Radio Denmark Broadcast #12 DE7002a
70 Audio
Tippy-Toeing Through the Jungle Garden The Intimacy of the Blues (Track 9) DE7002b
69 Audio
Noon Mooning The Intimacy of the Blues (Track 7) DE7002c
67 Audio
Rockochet The Intimacy of the Blues (Track 8) DE7002e
78 Audio
Day Dream The Pianist (Track 9) DE7002f
77 Audio
Duck Amok The Pianist (Track 8) DE7002g
78 Audio
Tina The Latin American Suite (Track 4) DE7002h
75 Audio
Fat Mess The Pianist (Track 10) DE7002i
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